Cecile Pineda
7 min readNov 2, 2021


This morning Michael Moore reminds us that everyone of the EU countries enjoys: :

•Universal free health care.
•Free or nearly-free college.
•Paid Family Leave for at least four months.
•Complete care of all elderly.
•Robust funding of schools.
•All sorts of help for the jobless and the poor.
•Workers enjoy mandatory paid vacation with a minimum of four weeks off (some countries are almost double that).
•Women having full equal rights. Abortion and birth control is free and easily available in all but two E.U. countries (Malta and Poland). Most of their constitutions have what we don’t have — an equal rights clause for all women.

But we are told the United States is too poor to afford any of those “fringes.”

If this is not a feel-good morning, Michael Moore may not be entirely to blame. For one thing, Americans still suffer from an historic attachment to the Romantic Gone With the Wind notion that people ought to work for free. Originally this urge was called slavery, but with the Civil War, slavery became a no-no. Except for the small loophole which allowed incarceration-for-free to take its place. Which is why our prisons bulge with people working for free or nearly free whose skins happen to be of darker hues. Their prison demography far exceeds their proportion in the general population because they do better working under the hot sun. It has nothing to do with racism.

This week, an article I first saw published by Information Clearing House, “Israel to Attack Iran? Washington Gives the Green Light to the ‘Military Option,’” by Phillip Giraldi caught my eye. (Recovering it through Google is a fruitless pursuit, Google favors disinformation, which is how it makes its money.) The pre-election Biden seems to have promised to do what he could to distance the U.S. from Israel’s depredations, but he was quickly set straight by a recent DC visit from a contingent of Israeli heavy weights, including Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett himself to remind Biden and his top officials that Israel “has the right to defend itself” against the Iranian threat. Biden who has surrounded himself with Zionists like Blinken, Wendy Sherman and Victoria Nuland who fill the three top slots at the State Department evidently caught the drift. “Nuland is a leading neocon. And pending is the appointment of Barbara Leaf, who has been nominated Assistant Secretary to head the State Department’s Near East region. She is currently the Ruth and Sid Lapidus Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), which is an AIPAC spin off and a major component in the Israel Lobby,” to quote Phillip Giraldi.

Perhaps my recent readings into the prehistory of Latin and Central America had something to do with my urge to take a closer look. In a book which recently fell my way, 1491 by Charles C. Mann, the author turns his attention to the kinds of intertribal conflicts vying for power and control that characterize shifting political alliances in areas of pre-contact Bolivia and the Yucatan. He describes these conquests as being of two kinds: military occupations; and hegemonic colonization, the latter characterized by post-battle troop withdrawal with the understanding that kings would now become subject vassals, and that tribute in the form of taxes such as percentages of crop or trade goods would need forfeiting to the controlling conquerors who would withdraw on condition of that understanding. In other words, the defeated entity would now become host to a tribute-extracting tapeworm.

Hegemonic colonization of the United States by Israel

The United States cannot afford to educate its people, attend to their health, care for its elderly, concern itself with its poor and unemployed, cater to its workers or stoop to succoring its women because it has superseding commitments to warfare (the Pentagon) and to the de facto colonizer, hegemonic colonizer Israel.

A look at a 26-page 2018 article published by UNZ Review “9/11 Was an Israeli Job: How America was neoconned into World War IV” by Laurent Guyénot, citing a bibliography of 8 books,* lays it out. Focusing on the events of 9–11 Guyénot points out the material evidence linking to Israeli-American neocons, many having dual U.S. — Israeli citizenship. He makes the very important point that the theory “9–11 was an inside job” was deliberately designed to draw American attention away from noticing the persuasive evidence linking Israel to the events of that day, and of course to weaken their trust in their own government.

But Guyénot saves the best for last in a follow-the-money subsection titled The Missing $23 trillion. I quote: “There is, for example, the missing gold in the WTC basement : $200 million were recovered from the estimated $1 billion stored: who took the [other 800] million? But that is nothing compared to the $2.3 trillion that were missing from the accounts of the Department of Defense for the year 2000, in addition to $1.1 trillion missing for 1999, [totaling $3.4 trillion missing] according to a televised declaration made on September 10th, 2001, the day before the attacks, by Donald Rumsfeld…. In 2001, the man who was tasked to help track down the missing trillions was Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Dov Zakheim, a member of PNAC [Project for the New American Century]…. Practically, the mystery had to be resolved by financial analysts at Resource Services Washington (RSW). Unfortunately, their offices were destroyed…the following morning. The “hijackers” of Flight AA77.., chose to attempt a theoretically impossible downward spiral at 180 degrees in order to hit the west side of the [Pentagon] building precisely at the location of the accounting offices. The 34 experts at RSW perished in their offices, together with 12 other financial analysts…

“By an incredible coincidence, one of the financial experts trying to make sense of the Pentagon financial loss, Bryan Jack…, died…on Flight AA77. In the words of the Washington Post database: ‘Bryan C. Jack was responsible for crunching America’s defense budget. He was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77, bound for official business in California when his plane struck the Pentagon, where, on any other day, Jack would have been at work at his computer’. Yahweh must have a sense of chutzpah!”

And the United States cannot afford to educate its people, attend to their health, care for its elderly, concern itself with its poor and unemployed, cater to its workers or stoop to succoring its women because it has a tapeworm.

*•Thierry Meyssan 9/11 The Big Lie

•Geo W and Douglas B Ball: The passionate attachments: america’s involvement with Israel, 1947 to the Present

Christopher Bollyn: •Solving 9–11: the deception that changed the world

Michael Corliss Piper: The High Priests of war: The secret history of how America’s “Neo-conservative” Trotskyites came to power and orchestrated the war against Iraq as the First Step in their drive for global; empire.”

John J. Mearsheimerr and Stephen m. Wait: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Stephen J. Sniegoski: The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative agenda, war in the Middle East, and the national Inerest of Israel

Laurent Guyénot JFK — 9/11: 50 Years of deep state by

•9–11 Made In Israel by Victor Thorn

CALL FOR military embargo on Israel.

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BLAST the Nuclear “Regulatory” Commission.

288 organizations demand Biden administration condemn Israel’s crackdown on human rights groups.

OPEC & members shun Biden’s calls to boost oil output.

In change of tone, Brazil pledges 50% emissions cuts by 2030.

Mexico to create state-owned company for lithium production.

Over 700 groups demand ‘real climate solutions.’ not net-zero promises.

Letter accusing world “leaders” of climate betrayal signed by one million people.

Ahead of COP 26, worldwide mobilizations launched demanding big banks end fossil fuel destruction.

Street murals to Glasgow: “Defund Climate Chaos!”

Thousands demand the U.S. federal reserve account for climate risk.

In world first, New Zealand Law forces banks to disclose climate impacts of investments.

Climate activists block construction of fracking-based energy plant.

Warren introduces bill to levy 15% minimum tax on corporate profits.

“Repeated violations’: California lawmakers call on DHS to end ICE contracts in state.

Seattle teaches country about fixing “our democracy.”

In N.Y.C. hundreds call on Federal Reserve to dump Powell, demand Citigroup divest from fossil fuels.

Public Citizen applauds Interior Department for considering climate change impacts of oil drilling.

250 millionaires to Congress: ‘Now is the time to tax billionaires.

Musk offers $6 billion if UN shows how it will solve world hunger.

Gitmo jurors liken CIA torture to acts by ‘most abusive regimes in modern history.’

Tenth Circuit court issues stays of execution for John Grant and Julius Jones.

Protesting budget cuts, teachers to go on strike in Scranton.

‘Stakes could not be higher’: with Roe in danger, coalition demands Supreme Court expansion.