Retirement And Passing the Baton

Cecile Pineda
5 min readApr 18, 2022


“Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, the Earth would still be headen full speed towards total disaster for one major reason: The military produces enough greenhouse gases, by itself, to place the entire globe, with all of its inhabitants large and small, in the most imminent danger of extinction.” Barry Saunders, The Green Zone

The Author: Forest Grazing

For some time I have wanted to retire. My take on human affairs has becomes more distanced with the passing of time, although you can tell from the line up of articles cited below, I still keep a close watch. And part of me always will, but at 90 (I am not quite there, give me a few more months) the time to retire from writing anything but personal messages to friends all around the globe takes precedence.

Lisa Savage is a retired educator, published author, and antiwar activist. She led the national Bring Our War $$ Home campaign during the Obama administration, and subsequently founded the Maine Natural Guard to connect the dots between climate crisis and the Pentagon’s enormous carbon bootprint. In 2020 she ran for the U.S. Senate under ranked choice voting in Maine and earned 5% of votes cast. She describes the purpose of her popular blog Went 2 the Bridge, as: Organizing and actions to resist the moral, environmental, and financial bankrupting of the U.S. through wars against the poor, at home and abroad.



What You Should You Really Know About Ukaine

A Conversation with Scott Ritter

The Pentagon Drops Truth Bombs

Former NATO Military Analyst Blows the Whistle on West’s Ukraine Invasion Narrative

Organizing Notes: Interview: War in Urkaine is Really About U.S. Pursuing Regime Cinge in Russia

Average U.S. Taxpayer Gave $900 to Military Contractors Last Year


Siding with Ukraines far right U.S.sabotaged Zelenskys historic mandate for peace

The Red Scare

Portside: Delusion and The U.S. Foreign Policies

Is the U.S Fighting for Democrecy in Ukraine

NATO’s Global History of Reaction

NATO’s 300 Delivery to Ukraine


Pentagon Convenes U.S. Weapons Makers to Increase Supply for Urkaine War

Biden Answers Zelensky’s Plea to Arm Ukraine Now with $800 Millions in Weapons

What Would it Take for Military Spending to Do Down

Is the U.S. Hindering Much Needed Diplomatic Efforts


Nonstop Corporate News of Ukrine is Fueling Support for Unchecked U.S. Militarism

The Weapons Industry Sees the War in Ukraine as a Goldmine

“I do think this is a very protracted conflict and I think it’s at least measured in years. I don’t know about decades, but at least years for sure,” said Milley. “I think that NATO, the United States, Ukraine and all of the allies and partners that are supporting Ukraine are going to be involved in this for quite some time.”

LA Progressive: The Media in the U.S.?Maistream Media and War

New Reporting Details Corporate Media’s War Industry Pundits

The West Ukraine Invasion Narrative

United States Admits To Spreading Lies About Ukraine War -


Questions Abound Abouts the Bucha Massacre

Ukriane tochka-U Missile killed Dozens at Kramatorsk Train Station

New Witness Testimony About Mariupol Maternity Hopistal “Airstrike”

Eva Bartlett in Ukraine, Tells A Very Different Factual Story that is Opposite from the Official Narrative — Mark Taliano


Ukraine Crisis Splitting the Peace Movement When It’s Needed Most




Merrrick Garland Doesn”t want to bring criminal charges against #45. Why Not?

“A Plot to Destroy Demacracy”: Civil Rights Group Raises Alarm at Threats to U.S. Elections

TELL congress war is not green:

TELL Lockheed Martin to begin conversion to peaceful industries.

DONATE to help the intercept uncover how companies llke Facebook and Google are controlling what people around the world see and hear about the war in Ukraine.

STOP #45 from interfering in future elections: Louise Dejoy must go. Demand Progress is helping make that possible.

Stop war proteers by banned mamber of Congress from Trading defense from trading contractor stock now.

DO NOT DUMP radioactive Water Into the Ocean

LISTEN: April 21, 5 PM Pacific Time

At last: some rare good news in a ravaged world: a truce in Yemen

Ecuador grants wild animals legal rights in a world first

Texas DA Gocha Allen Ramirez has elected to release Lizette Herrera and drop the criminal charges against her-including murder-after she was accused of preforming a self-induced abortion

Venezuela great housing mission achieves major milestone with the four millionth house

Democrats introduce bill guaranteeing workers paid time off to vote

U.S’s flaunting of diplomatic immunity challenged in court in the trial of Alex Saab, Venezuela‘s diplomat

In the UK Palestine Action Activists Deface and Blockade London HQ of Elbit Systems

76 Israeli Anti-Aparthied activists declare refusal to cooperate wth the Israeli legal system, in solidarity with Palestinian administative detainees, confrontng the Israeli Service Servce.

Activists celebrate after Biden grants TPS ststatus to Cameroonian immigrants.

Top signs you could be a Repubican at a passover dinner

1. They refuse to answer the four questions without a subpoena.

2. They demand a recount of the ten plagues.

3. They defend not increasing the minimum wage on the grounds that according to Chad Gadya it still costs only two zuzzim to buy a goat.

4. The afikomen is hidden in the Cayman Islands.

5. They refuse to open the door for Elijah until they see his immigration papers.

6. They attack Moses for negotiating a deal with Pharoah because why would we negotiate with our enemies?

7. They don’t understand why the Egyptians didn’t cure the plagues with hydroxychloroquine.

8. They omit the parts about slavery from the Haggadah because it reminds them of Critical Race Theory.

9. They keep saying “when do we get to the miracle
of the Jewish space lasers?”

10. They end the seder by singing “Next year in Mar-a-Lago.”