Cecile Pineda
5 min readMar 31, 2019

L’etat c’est moi. The famous quote came, not from the U.S. Department of Justice this week, but from a man who hefted roughly 80 pounds of clothing on his back, not the light weight Armani, and red power tie, signature costume of the current white uber alles regime. Lace-makers sweated over their bobbins most of their life-time just to fabricate the ruffled jabots, and pleated cuffs; silk weavers sent the heavy knickers and waistcoats to the embroiderers for countless hours of invisible stitching before they could be seen as fit to wear. But now, although it’s quick and dirty, tyranny reigns just as strong, but a lot more gracelessly than it did in the days of Louis XIV.

Take Russiagate as a benchmark. From the start, nothing seemed simple or clear cut to this writer. Rather Russiagate seemed a labyrinth peopled by white men in suits, a scene I found unconvincing and less than appealing. It didn’t smell right. There was too much hue and cry, too much media hype. Too much distraction.


But while the American public left, center and right, got sidelined by the Mueller Report, by the endless speculation, by the fear it might get shut down one way or another, by Rachel Maddow’s trumpeting, making a case for it loud and clear, by the appointment of Wm. Barr, who, it turns out, is a friend of Mueller’s, no one paid attention to the bloated fist of Uncle Fatso and his gang dipping into the till, diverting funds for wars in space, requisitioning funds for “useable” nukes, moving funds away from entitlements to build a mediaeval wall, to fund the Pentagon with 61% of the budget, and rob veterans benefits to put brown children in cages.

Democrats were all too happy to lick their political defeat like dander off a cat’s back, rather their blame their own corruption for the outcome. If anyone benefitted from a Russian connection, it was Hilary Clinton, who, despite the Clinton Foundation’s disgraceful corruption, still remains a darling to the necrophiliac female voters (all except the Haitians) who can’t see beyond identity politics. Sore losers were only too happy to overlook Mueller’s dark history: G-man in chief for twelve years under Bush and Obama.

But although the prevailing feeling is that the investigation has been a failure, quite the contrary, in my view it has been a huge success in stalling any action to get at the real corruption that curdles Washington these days, both Democrat and Republican, guaranteeing continued chaos, and terrorizing of the American people, and preparing the future in such a way that electoral politics will no longer be relevant by 2020.

The so-called election of 2020 will bring us the mixture as before at best, if it brings us ANY mixture at all: the Democratic carrot, the Republican stick. The system will never allow anyone of integrity to hold office. And caught between the gears of two-party government, the population already under unbearable pressure, will be ground to a pulp.

And the fate of life on the planet hangs in the balance.

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