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Dear Readers,

I never thought I would ever use these words as a headline. But this week, as I scarfed down a tardy breakfast, all the whoohooing in the street, and the banging of pots and pans signaled to me that the genocidal nightmare of the past 4 years had come to a close. But before I dwell on the good news, I hope to remind my readers that 69 million of the electorate felt just fine to re-elect a president whose bullying, lies, and racial divisions were just fine regardless of whether they resulted in deportation, voter suppression, and shootings provided they targeted others less white and privileged, those of the poor, brown, black and marginalized communities not their own. Journalists are quick to pontificate exactly why that is, and here’s my own theory: White women supported #45 because their minds have been colonized by images of the perfect. big-boobed, blond Barbie woman at great and suicidal cost to themselves.

The demographics tell the story: 42% of the most economically disadvantaged voted for #45, whereas 54% of those in the $100,000+ income bracket supported #45; 35% of those in the 18–29 age group voted for #45, whereas 51% of those 65 and older upheld #45 and all his works. I hope to remind us that those 69 million will not simply vanish into thin air, and that we would do well to get to the root of their perceptions and disgruntlements.

And now to get to the good news: Democrats have much to learn from this election, especially that most candidates endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America .sailed through. Compared to the rather tepid response to the Biden-Harris ticket, of 29 DSA-endorsed candidates and 11 ballot measures, respectively 21 and 8 won. The “Squad” added two members: Jamaal Bowman (N.Y.) and Cori Bush (MO). Tlaib massively increased voter turnout in Michigan, helping to hand Biden victory; Colorado socialists worked hand in hand with the ACLU to win a ballot measure guaranteeing no eviction without representation; and socialists partnered with AFSCME and SEIU unions to pass pre-school for all in Oregon. Both Florida and Portland, ME ballot initiatives passed $15 minimum wage benefits.

To win, it pays to offer a programme such as Medicare for All, and a Green New Deal rather than simply being against something. It attracts voters as Ocasio-Cortez pointed out.

But much work remains: Voting must be standardized throughout the nation, proprietary machine voting must be replaced by traceable paper ballots and the electoral college needs to be abolished.

Citizens United must be overturned, as well as the “personhood” of corporations. State Banks must be established throughout the nation to break the back of Wall Street and the perpetual wars it backs almost from the beginning of US history; our kids must be offered a rigorous education based on inquiry and learning and not indoctrination. The homeless must be housed (1000 homeless died this year in LA while 93,000 homes stood empty.) The trend militarizing municipal police must be reversed, and immigration policy and incarceration must be entirely re-examined; and most of all, both the inequality and the racism that have plagued this nation from its Constitutional inception must be laid to rest.

And right now the fight’s still on in Georgia where a chance remains for Dems to take the Senate back. An electorate that can, through its massive post card writing, and texting of uncertain voters turn out the greatest number of voters ever to have elected an American president is capable of accomplishing the impossible.

Note: After some many years without, one of these days, this writer hopes to take a vacation leading to possible news interruption in coming days.

DONATE NOW to elect Warnock and Ossoff to defang McConnell and

take back the Senate.

READ lame duck threats.

WATCH for fun and schadenfreude.

RECUSAL for Barrett from any and all 2020 election cases.

UPHOLD right of peaceful protest.

READ let’s not count too many chickens before they return home to roost.

Rival Libya factions agree to implement ceasefire.

Palestinian and outside activists issue call for participation in campaign commemorating 103 anniversary of Balfour Declaration.

Palestinian Maher al-Akhras wins freedom after 103 day hunger strike.

Five subcontinent recycling concerns turn trash into gold by paying recycler for their waste.

After huge struggle Nicaraguan women’s coop rids community of machismo and sets high value for women’s work.

With $340 million coming due, Deutsche Bank could seize #45 assets of he defaults.

Amnesty slams #45 for condoning violence and intimidation as #45 praises a Texas mob for harassing Biden campaign bus.

Thunberg reminds US voters their choice will affect countless generations to come.

Socialists mobilize nationwide demanding democracy.

People’s mandate in Minneapolis Invite protesters for a national day of protest demanding election remain untampered with across the US.

RE-elected by campaigning on Medicare for all, a Green New Deal, and Jobs Guarantee, Squad adds two members

Calling Biden win step one, Sanders reminds that US must not return to ‘business as usual.’

Secret Service increases Biden protection.

Supremes side with BLM activist sued by police officers

Resurged mvment against police brutality, while supremacy and state violence continues to ignite public discourse around racism and need to organize.

Innocent Black mom beaten by Philly cops, whose baby was kidnapped by them, files lawsuit.

If Philly’s police ballot measures pass, a new oversight commission could bring more accountability. Maybe.

As #45 spouts last-minute lies, top PA officials make clear that election doesn’t end till all votes are counted.

Judge blocks #45 policy allowing officials to deny residency to immigrants who might use public funds (public charge immigration policy).

Federal district judge grants injunction prohibiting private mercenary contractor from hiring and deploying para-military to MN polling sites.

Federal judge orders sweeps of USPS facilities, and rushed delivery of mail-in votes.

FBI investigates robocalls in Flint MI to suppress turnout.

Protesters in Washington, LA, Raleigh and Portland take to streets.

500+ demonstrations planned to protect election results.

Migrant Justice settles federal lawsuit on CE retaliation.

FBI raids neo-Nazi camp in MI.

Teacher’s viral arrest helps stop evictions.

Michigan girl who avoided homework, now out of jail and back in school.

Federal Texas judge rejects GOP attempt to toss 127K drive-in votes.

Native American voters lacking a residential street address will allowed to vote marking their residence on a map.

Missing and murdered indigenous women and girls committee releases final report in AZ.

Affordable housing developers set sights n former toxic oil fields.

Jill Stein wins 4-year battle to inspect the source codes in proprietary WI voting machines.

Philly DA says folks dressing up like GI Joe to intimidate voters will be prosecuted.

After a pepper spraying by cops, relentless NC poll marchers vow to return Election Day.

Sanders joins other progressive on election eve for final get-out-the-vote rally.

Oregon just votes to decriminalize all drugs.

Marijuana legalization measures pass in 4 states.

Despite Collin’s victory, Naral pro-choice US celebrates Rep. Jared Golden’s victory in ME 2nd congressional district.

First in a million: Green New Deal champion Chloe Maxim explains her unseating of powerful GOP incumbent in ME: “I mostly listen.”

Dems flip MI supreme court.

Federal court rules against PDA approval of Genetically engineered salmon.

California division of OSHA levies fines on two Amazon warehouses with more to come for failing to adequately protect its warehouse workers.

Teachers in Toronto walk out after COVID outbreak.



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