Cecile Pineda
4 min readSep 27, 2020


All the elements are in place now: the legislature is paralyzed in same old same old. It cannot be counted on to represent the people. It’s a co-opted body, all except for a few lone voices crying in the wilderness.

The judiciary is seriously compromised, with rightwing organized government take-over Senators itching to appoint a radical right Supreme who looks like the Angel of Death before the election, although they denied the previous President consideration of his well-timed nomination when last he held office.

I don’t even have to point out how the executive is in the bag. #45 as been a bag man from the start: he just spoke nice until last March when he felt secure enough to start waving the red cape of fascism outright.

But the fourth coup element has gone missing. It’s WE THE PEOPLE. Remember the sleepwalkers? Those guys. Normal people under threat of an impending coup turn into the streets, no matter what the weather, or the water cannons, tear gas, or the storm trooper’s bullet. They bring their women folk, and their pots and pans. They don’t quit. They stay in the streets. Where are WE THE PEOPLE?

Did WE THE PEOPLE already get turned around in the Reagan years with everyone for himself, the Moi Generation, the You’re On Your Own generation. Did solidarity go out the window?

Safety nets are for sissies, not red blooded individual Americans! No “where are your weak, your tired, your disabled, your poor” stuff for Number One!

This week I intend to share some ideas we must actualize if we are to hold onto Social Security, restore fair immigration procedures, restore non-violence to militarized national, and municipal police, support a government whose prime focus now is no longer making endless war, but what threatens the planet: global warming, and to put forward a Marshall Plan taking the dire lateness of our approach to heart.

Here is the schedule of coup-opposing organizing meetings nationwide. If you are mobile, able to hear, and generally quick (that means alive) get there. There’s no time to lose:

Saturday (today): Sept, 26:

Chicago. Logan Square, 3 PM.

Los Angeles, 3 PM Pan Pacific Park

Boston, 3 PM, Parkman Bandstand on Boston Common

Cleveland, 4 Pm Rockefeller Lagoon

Philadelphia, 2 Pm Independence Mall

Seattle, 7–9 PM ONLINE Facebook Event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1989569257842842/

Sunday (tomorrow) Sept. 27

New York City 3 Pm Washington Square

Atlanta: Sunday, Sept., 26, 3 PM Logan Square

San Francisco, 4 PM Dolores Park 18th & Church

Detroit 3 PM ONLINE Facebook event


Houston 4 PM ONLINE event at


Honolulu, 7 PM ONLINE, Facebook event at


Here as of Sept. 23 is what Michael Moore thinks:
“Now 36 hours after the heartbreaking death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we must do exactly what she would do under these circumstances. She took us this far — farther than any of us thought possible. Now it’s up to us to finish her work — and protect her seat AND our Democracy. I have posted this morning a second RUMBLE episode on our Emergency Podcast System. I offer there a series of actions we must immediately take to prevent Trump and McConnell from poaching another Supreme Court seat, thus ensuring a right-wing court for many decades to come (aka, the rest of my life).” These actions include:

Protests everywhere (especially in front of your local U.S. Senator’s office);

A tsunami presence by us on social media today and this week;

Melting down the Senate switchboard with calls to your Senators and the 7 Repubs who waffled but who are now determined to see their nefarious scheme thru, as well as Murkowski and Collins who “said” they might be “persuaded” to go along. (202–225–3121);

Demanding the Dems in Congress not approve the government funding resolution — in other words, let the government shut down so that the Republicans can’t ram their right-wing judge through before Trump is defeated 6 weeks from this Tuesday;

And Schumer (Chuck OR Amy) must employ every tactic to block, stall and grind all Senate business to a halt so this crackpot nominee doesn’t go through — you know, just like what the Republicans did to Obama for 8 long years. Extreme obstruction. Let’s let them now experience a taste of their own filthy medicine.

You can hear this Episode #121 of RUMBLE — “We Must Now Be Ruthless” — for free on Apple podcasts and all other podcast platforms. We must all ACT today. We can win this! We can stop them! But it will take a Nation of Millions…

Apple: https://apple.co/rumble
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3kyvJ9f
Radio Public: https://bit.ly/2FPBIaL

Now let me indulge your taste for fantasy: Suppose there were pots and pans banging all over this nations big cities. Do you think the press would let you know? All the more reason: You are on your own with your pots and pans. The important thing is not to leave them home.

I refer you (if you need further delays) to read Ten Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup which you can do at https://www.nationofchange.org/2020/09/19/10-things-you-need-to-know-to-stop-a-coup/

but only if you read it backwards, because it, too, wants to delay you by putting the most important point last. So if you still need to read it, read it backward.

Thus week I am not proving petitions for you to sign and further delay you, nor am I provising Roses to Lull You.

From the Mahasutra “Entering the City of Vaisali, a city riddled with pestilence: The Buddha who has compassion for the world, whose wish is to benefit all living beings, who abides in love, who is compassionate, who abides in joy, and who abides in equanimity, has arrived.